Ab sculpting exercises /no weights

Just some of my favourite ab exercises, no weights or machines needed!


We've all just finished our Christmas feasts or maybe you're still going. No worries, these next ab workouts are perfect to tone your abdominal muscles - BUT your abs will only pop-out given the right body-fat for your specific body type. Following the perfect meal plan that suits your needs and goals will get you there faster.

First and foremost let me make this perfectly clear, performing countless reps of crunches or leg raises will indeed strengthen your abs but the fat that's covering them will only go away given that you're eating in a Caloric Deficit.

I can't stress this enough boys and gals, all human beings have abdominal muscles and even though targeted ab exercises will make them stronger and much more attractive than 0 ab strengthening, still your diet needs to be on point or else it's just going to stay hidden underneath that layer of fat.


*all videos are copyright of MiguelTheVegan & The Vegan Coach - YouTube channel (myself)

1. Plank is the king of all bodyweight ab exercises as it really works the entire abdominal region.

Check out the vid for correct form and tips.

Advanced: 2:30 minutes +

Intermediate: 1:30 minutes +

Beginner: 0-1:30 minutes

2. Push-up to plank is an advancement from the plank as it involves movement while holding those abs tight.

Advanced: 25+ reps (each arm)

Intermediate: 15-25 reps (each arm)

Beginner: 0-15 reps (each arm)

3. Mountain climbers involve your legs too. In the video I go over the beginner adaptation as well as the more advanced one.

Advanced: 50+ reps (each leg)

Intermediate: 25-50 reps (each leg)

Beginner: 0-25 reps (each leg)

4. Hands to toes engages both the lower and upper ab region. It's a great workout finisher for which you can also advance by holding weight on your hands later on.

Advanced: 25+ reps

Intermediate: 15-25 reps

Beginner: 0-15 reps

5. L-Sit can be performed in many variations. From being on a dip bar (as shown here), to hanging from a pull-up bar, to even on the floor. It's an advanced exercise that takes lots of practice and time to master.

Advanced: 1 minute+ hold

Intermediate: 30 seconds - 1 minute

Beginner: 0-30 seconds

If you've read till so far then maybe you're interested in getting coached by a Certified Personal Trainer - who's trained many many clients, doesn't give you any B.S. and will get you the results you so much crave!

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