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I cant recommend miguel enough. Ive tried a couple of training and meal plans and they were not the best. But miguel gives you a meal plan with the exact amount of ingredients on the shopping list for 7 days so no food goes to waste. I feel stronger and healthier than before transitioning to a plant based diet. Miguel has taught me you don’t need to spend over an hour in the gym, train smart not hard. So far I’m in week 5 and i love the meals and training programme. Every day i have the app with miguel which gives me reminders for workouts and progress pictures. I really don’t have anything bad to say. Look forward to the journey ahead. The meals are different every day and unbelievably tasty 💪🏼

Vegan Fat Loss



No matter what your goal is -be it losing weight, gaining muscles or just getting more fit- Miguel is the guy for it! He is super supportive, uplifting and present (you can always reach out to him with questions and communication is fast, regular and to the point). The exercise and meal plans are individualized for your own personal needs and capabilities, which increases the overall motivation to follow through -and honestly, that is not really difficult as the exercises are diverse & fun and the meals are pure vegan deliciousness! In this way, I lost almost 4 kilos in less than two months and I feel stronger and more in shape than ever without going hungry or training a crazy amount of hours per day. Thanks for having my back Miguel and I am looking forward to continue working with you!

Vegan Fat Loss



Miguel has been my go to guy for helping me stay on track with my delicious plant base meals! I can't reccomend him enough!!!
I'm new to plant base foods so I really didn't known where to start. All I knew was that I needed help because I wanted to eat better, transition to plant base foods WHILE continuing to gain muscle mass- but I didn't understand the whole calorie count with plant base foods. Thats where Miguel EXCELS! We had a 1:1 video meeting where he took all my wants and needs and customized my own meals based on my goals. They were quick and easy meals to make (game changer for me)!!
I've worked with other online coaches and I can honestly say that I've never had a coach be so attentive to my progress like Miguel. I highly recommend Miguel, if ur looking for someone who will truly be there to support u in ur Goals and hold u accountable- Miguel is ur guy!! Thanks Miguel! Lets keep making them Gainzzz!!! 😤😤

Vegan Fat Loss

Miguel is awesome! I can't recommend him enough. I just finished my first month and I am absolutely shocked at how much progress I have made. The meal plan is excellent and he has worked with me so much on fine-tuning it to my preferences, needs, and schedule. The food is soooo delicious and I am always super satisfied. I feel fantastic and full of energy. The app is great and super intuitive. I enjoy his posts on social media as well! Following Miguel's nutrition plan and advice is facilitating my transition to plant-based in the context of fitness, and I can't overstate how thrilled I am with the entire process!



Vegan Fat Loss

I’ve only been working with Miguel for a couple of months now but he’s approached has shifted both my fitness level and health. He balances the trifecta of progress:nutritious foods, personalized workout plans and consistent adjustments to produce what I already see will be long-term results. If you’re ready to go to the next level, I personally recommend his services.



Vegan Fat Loss



I just finished my first month with Miguel, and I can't recommend him enough! I am a person over 50 and had a hard time loosing weight around my min section even though I am an active person. It was really depressing not seeing results. My brother had recommended Miguel, but because of my age I was skeptical to sign up. I finally decided to try and Miguel has NOT disappointed! He has made it so much easier for me in my transition to plant base meals. He provides me with a personalized shopping list and delicious, easy to make, meal plans catered to my needs and calorie count. I am finally seeing results!!! I feel fantastic, full of energy and best of all my anxiety has gotten much better. Miguel is always there to answer my questions and keep me motivated! Looking forward to my journey ahead! Thank you Miguel!

Vegan Fat Loss

I am in my 2nd month with Miguel now and I would like to recommend him to anyone, who is interested in nutrition and/or training coaching, whether they are experienced or inexperienced with coaches yet.
I have had two online coaches before and Miguel is by far the best experience. Miguel coaches me and my boyfriend nutritionwise on a vegan diet (I am on a fat-loss, the bf is on a muscle-gain journey) as well as trainingwise during Covid-19 without open gyms. So far we got amazing meal plans, that are customized to our goal, taste and to our time schedule. Same goes with the training plans, that have varied exercises, that you can easily do at home.
What I like best is, that he constantly reaches out to you. He keeps track of your progress, frequently checking in, how the meals and the workouts are coming along, etc. That's a big factor, that keeps me motivated. I also very much like, that I can always text him and never have to wait more than a few hours for a response. We have bi-weekly video calls, but since we are always in touch through the coaching app (which is also very useful), we communicate much closer and more frequently, than bi-weekly may sound.
Long story short: If you're interested, give his coaching a try. Absolutely recommend 100%.




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