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Muscle Building Guide

  • Part 1: How Muscles Grow

  • Part 2: Muscle Fiber Types

  • Part 3: The Ultimate Rep Range

  • Part 4: Training Frequency

  • Part 5: Food Intake

  • Part 6: Getting Enough Protein

  • Part 7: Bonus Part (recipes and tips)


Can you really get enough protein as a vegan?

This is the most common question I get as a personal trainer for the past years and the answer is 100% YES

WHY should you buy this guide?

- Get 15 pages of muscle building, health & fitness info from an experienced/ certified vegan personal trainer

- Learn the fundamentals of building muscle as a vegan

- 6 high protein breakfast recipes (no protein powder needed)

- Get the reassurance that you CAN build solid muscle as a vegan, regardless of gender or age

The exact contents of the guide are outlined above this section

Upon payment you will receive an email with the guide