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by certified Personal Trainer

and Nutrition Advisor

Miguel C. Yiallourides

Imaging having your workouts easily laid out with how-to videos and your own unique personal trainer...

Plus 21 new tasty vegan recipes each month...

All in one place.


Learn how to build muscle as a vegan:

  • Understand the fundamentals of building muscle

  • Optimal training frequency and rep ranges

  • Calories/ Macronutrient breakdown

  • How to get enough protein as a vegan

  • 6 high protein breakfast recipes (no protein powder)

  • Plus more useful info

Only for $15 !

why work with me

  • Workout & meal plans that you actually enjoy

  • Achieve any goal on a plant based diet or if you’re transitioning to one

  • Ongoing support through texting, emailing, calling and Skype calls for Q&A sessions, we’ll become best buddies!

  • Personal know-how on transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle