If you are not ready to apply for coaching, try my non-personalised 7-day vegan meal plans!

  • weight loss, muscle gain or maintaining
  • 10+ unique recipes tested by me personally
  • vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins and fats breakdown
  • average cooking time: 15 minutes
  • gluten-free options besides other swaps suggestions
  • grocery list
  • 6 video-recipes to make it even easier!
  • nutrition tips and hacks included
  • super affordable
If you don't know which meal plan to choose from, open a new tab and Google "TDEE calculator". Once you figure out what your TDEE is (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), that is the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight based off your current activities.

The next step is to figure out your goal:

1. Weight loss - Choose a meal plan below your TDEE calories
2. Muscle gain - Choose a meal plan above your TDEE calories
3. Maintenance - Choose a meal plan closest to your TDEE calories